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  1. Parallel49 Equity Acquires Kinetrex

    Kinetrex Energy (“Kinetrex”) is the leading supplier of liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) in the Midwest and operates two LNG production facilities in Indianapolis, each with 1 billion cubic feet of cryogenic storage capacity.  LNG allows Kinetrex to take natural gas wherever it needs to go, providing fueling solutions to

  2. Questco Acquires Profit Advantage

    Questco acquired Profit Advantage, a provider of outsourced human resources for small- and medium-sized businesses based in Omaha, Nebraska. The acquisition of Profit Advantage represents Questco’s first add-on acquisition of a professional employer organization (“PEO”) and comes just one month after the platform investment in Questco. Profit Advantage expands

  3. Fund V Acquires Questco

    Parallel49 Equity announces the acquisition of Questco, LLC (“Questco”). Based in Houston, Texas, Questco is a professional employer organization (“PEO”) that provides outsourced human resource solutions, allowing its small- and medium-sized customers to focus on growing their businesses.  Among the company’s bundled services are payroll and tax administration, employee liability