Kinetrex Energy (“Kinetrex”) is the leading supplier of liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) in the Midwest and operates two LNG production facilities in Indianapolis, each with 1 billion cubic feet of cryogenic storage capacity.  LNG allows Kinetrex to take natural gas wherever it needs to go, providing fueling solutions to the transportation, commercial, industrial, agricultural and power markets, replacing costlier and less environmentally friendly fuels such as diesel, propane and waste oil.  As part of the liquefaction process, Kinetrex converts natural gas to its liquid form through a complex series of steps which involve compressing, cooling and condensing methane to −265°F (−160°C).  In addition to LNG, the company also designs, markets and implements traditional pipeline natural gas (“PNG”) and renewable natural gas (“RNG”) energy solutions for its customers.  As an expert in clean energy fuel solutions, Kinetrex is a key and growing player in connecting and supplying RNG to the nation’s transport markets.  RNG is derived from abundant renewable sources, including organic waste in landfills, wastewater treatment plants and agricultural operations, and emits approximately 90% less greenhouse gas as compared to diesel fuel.

Headquarters:  Indianapolis, IN
Date of Investment:  December 2016

Parallel49 Equity Contacts:  Jon Dries and Jack Westerman

Kinetrex is seeking add-on acquisitions with the following characteristics:
LNG, PNG and RNG-related assets.

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