Keyes Packaging Group (Keyes) is a leading manufacturer of specialty packaging focused on the fruit, egg and wine industries. During our ownership, Keyes operated three subsidiaries – Keyes Fibre, Wrap Pack and Interplast. Keyes Fibre, located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest apple growing region, is the largest producer of molded fibre apple trays in the U.S. Keyes Fibre also makes molded fibre trays for eggs, avocados, berries and wine. Wrap Pack, located centrally near 75% of North America’s pear production, produces chemically treated tissues primarily used for wrapping pears to prevent the growth of mold and surface scarring during storage and shipment.  Interplast, based in Terrebonne, Quebec (Canada), is a leading North American manufacturer of recycled PET egg cartons used in packaging of specialty eggs.

Headquarters: Wenatchee, WA
Investment Date: May 2004
Investment Sold: June 2013
Purchaser: Arbor Investments