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Tiger Calcium Services Inc. (Tiger Calcium) is the largest manufacturer of calcium chloride products in Canada and one of the largest in North America.  The company’s products are used primarily for dust control, road stabilization, de-icing, oilfield drilling fluids and mine water suppression. Tiger Calcium operates an extraction, processing and distribution platform from its primary manufacturing operations in Slave Lake, Alberta.  The company has a large network of field storage tanks, rail facilities and a transportation fleet of tank trucks and trailers to transport calcium chloride, molten sulfur and related products to customers across Canada and the U.S.

Headquarters: Edmonton, AB
Date of Investment: August 2014
Website: www.tigercalcium.com
Parallel49 Equity Contacts: Scott Daum

Tiger Calcium is seeking add-on acquisitions with the following characteristics:
Producers, suppliers and distributors of calcium chloride and related products serving the dust control, road stabilization, de-icing and oilfield fluids markets.